Hua-Meng Yang

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To map out the efficient organocatalyst requirements in the Michael addition of 1,3-dicarbonyl indane compounds to nitrostyrenes, a dozen different amino organocatalysts containing a p-toluenesulfonyl group (Ts) have been evaluated; excellent enantio-selectivities (up to er 92:8) were obtained with a primary amine-based Ts-DPEN catalyst and a plausible(More)
The study showed that a combination of an achiral silicon-based Lewis acid and chiral Lewis base, such as iodotrimethylsilane (TMSI) and cinchonine, generated a highly enantioselective catalyst system under solvent-free conditions which gave aromatic β-amino ketones with up to >99% ee. Mechanistic studies demonstrate the enhanced asymmetric induction may be(More)
A combined catalyst system of a cinchonidine-derived primary amine and triphenylphosphine (CD-NH2 /PPh3 ) exhibited high catalytic performance in the Michael reaction of aldehydes with maleimides, thereby affording the corresponding functionalized aldehydes in excellent yields (up to 99 %) and enantioselectivities (>99 % ee). More interestingly, the(More)
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