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Internet of things (IoT) has become an emerging new technology. Things having identities and virtual personalities use intelligent interfaces to connect and communicate within social environmental and user contexts. This paper first studied the mechanisms of some existing routing protocols such as AODV, DSR and OLSR, which is widely used in Ad Hoc networks.(More)
Modulation identification for communication signals is an important topic in the intercepted signal processing. However, early researches mainly focused on common modulation. Aiming at the statistical feature of unitary space-time modulation (USTM), we propose the suitable algorithms for high order joint moment and high order joint cumulant, and employ the(More)
Denoising is a fundamental stage of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DGE) images analysis, which strongly influences spot detection, spot matching and other pixel-based methods. It is critical to effective noise suppression. This paper proposed a new method based on the Non-Local-means (NL-means) algorithm, which is simple and can protect the structure(More)
We propose a multiary unitary space-time signal-based turbo coding (UST-SB-TC) and decoding scheme for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communication systems. UST-SB-TC can make full use of the characteristics of rapidly fading channels in decoding and hence can give a better performance compared with bit-wise processing with the same code(More)
—A positioning optimization technique for non-line-of-sight environment is presented based on weighted orthogonal polynomial fitting technique and singular value decomposition. First, non-line-of-sight errors in TOA measurements are mitigated using weighted orthogonal polynomial fitting technique and the true range between the measuring terminal and the(More)
—Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DGE) images are extremely useful support for proteins analysis in the field of proteomics. The registration of 2DGE images is an important element for protein identification in biological research while it is a complex and difficult problem. This paper proposes a new non-linear registration approach for 2DGE images,(More)
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DGE) images play an important role in the analysis of proteins in proteomics. The registration of 2DGE images is considered as one of key elements in protein identification while it is a difficult problem. This paper investigates the role of spot pattern information in 2DGE image registration by considering two(More)
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