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Experimental Study on the Aperture of Geomagnetic Location Arrays
A method of locating a magnetic target based on geomagnetic total field and the relationship between apertures and location accuracy agrees with the theory, shows that the method is feasible to determine the optimum array aperture. Expand
Damage Detection and Evaluation for an In-Service Shield Tunnel Based on the Monitored Increment of Neutral Axis Depth Using Long-Gauge Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
A damage detection method based on the monitored increment of the neutral axis depth; and an index to evaluate longitudinal damage, composed of the residual ratios of the equivalent flexural stiffness and the equivalent shear stiffness, are proposed. Expand
Measurement of Far Field Magnetic Moment Vector of a Moving Ferromagnetic Object
In magnetic anomaly detection, it is a prerequisite to master the far-field magnetic moment vector information of the target. It is important to measure the magnetic moment of the target in targetExpand