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Singular nonlinear boundary value problems for differential equations and difference equations have been extensively studied in the literature; see [1, 4, 11, 12, 16, 18–22] and the references therein. However, the research for singular boundary value problems on time scales is still in its beginning stages. In [8], the authors investigate the existence of(More)
Over the past 40 years, Chinese experts have made great progress on research, diagnosis, and therapy of pulmonary vascular disease, including pulmonary embolism and pulmonary hypertension. These theoretical and clinical advances have increased public awareness about this group of conditions, which are associated with significant morbidity and mortality in(More)
Vasa is a member of the DEAD-box protein family that plays an indispensable role in mammalian spermatogenesis, particularly during meiosis. Bovine vasa homology (Bvh) of Bos taurus has been reported, however, its function in bovine testicular tissue remains obscure. This study aimed to reveal the functions of Bvh and to determine whether Bvh is a candidate(More)
The PIWI-like protein 1 (PIWIL1) plays an important role in spermatogenesis and transposon control. In mammals, the absence of the PIWIL1 gene can lead to over-expression of retrotransposons, spermatogenetic arrest, and male infertility. To assess whether the PIWIL1 gene is associated with the male sterility of cattle-yaks, we examined PIWIL1 and LINE-1(More)
Litchi (Litchi chinensisSonnnerat, Sapindaceae), known as Chinese Cherry, is a subtropical fruit tree originating from southern China. Litchi seed extracts have diverse pharmacological effects, including anticancer. However, its anticancer effects and mechanisms on prostate cancer have not been determined. In this study, we used n-butyl alcohol extract of(More)
We discuss the existence of solutions for the first-order multipoint BVPs on time scale T: uΔ t p t u σ t λf t, u σ t , t ∈ 0, T T , u 0 − ∑mi 1 αiu ξi 0, where λ > 0 is a parameter, T > 0 is a fixed number, 0, T ∈ T, f : 0, T T × 0,∞ → 0,∞ is continuous, p is regressive and rdcontinuous, αi ≥ 0, ξi ∈ T, i 1, 2, . . . , m, 0 ξ0 < ξ1 < ξ2 < · · · < ξm−1 < ξm(More)
Detection of small molecules or proteins of living cells provides an exceptional opportunity to study genetic variations and functions, cellular behaviors, and various diseases including cancer and microbial infections. Our aim in this review is to give an overview of selected research activities related to nucleic acid-based aptamer techniques that have(More)