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System-on-Chip (SOC) and System-on-Package (SOP) technologies each have advantages depending on application needs. As system architects and designers leverage ever-increasing CMOS technology densities, a range of two- and three-dimensional silicon integration technologies are emerging which will likely support next-generation high-volume electronic(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Although a series of studies have shown that curcumin can exert anti-inflammatory effects in colitis by inhibiting NF-κB activation, whether these anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin are also attributed to its ability to inhibiting STAT3 pathway has never been tested in experimental colitis to date. The purpose of the study was to(More)
A silicon-based system-on-package (SOP) is described. Novel capabilities of SOP are expected to enable lower cost, more efficient and higher performance electronic systems. Newly developed technology elements include: electrical silicon through-vias, fine-pitch, high bandwidth wiring, fine pitch solder interconnection, fine pitch known-good-die, and(More)
This paper describes yield, contact resistance, and preliminary reliability test results on micro-bump C4 interconnects in modules containing Si-chips and Si-carriers. Modules containing eutectic PbSn or SnCu bump solders were fabricated with high yield, with similar interconnect contact resistances for both solders. The contact resistance and reliability(More)
To support the next generation highly integrated microsystem with 3D silicon integration using fine pitch interconnection and Si carrier, we develop a fabrication and assembly process at IBM Research to produce solder micro-joints (fine pitch flip-chip interconnections) for our system-on-package (SOP) technology. We fabricate solder bumps with 25 mum (or(More)
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