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and Duke conference on risk-neutral and objective probability measures provided many useful suggestions. A special thanks goes to Cam Harvey (the Editor) and an anonymous referee, whose suggestions have helped us improve this paper substantially. Kristaps Licis provided expert research assistance. Any errors are our own. An earlier version of this paper was(More)
Modeling sentence similarity is complicated by the ambiguity and variability of linguistic expression. To cope with these challenges, we propose a model for comparing sentences that uses a multiplicity of perspectives. We first model each sentence using a convolutional neural network that extracts features at multiple levels of gran-ularity and uses(More)
We have isolated a tiger frog virus (TFV) from diseased tiger frogs, Rana tigrina rugulosa. The genome was a linear double-stranded DNA of 105,057 basepairs in length with a base composition of 55.01% G+C. About 105 open reading frames were identified with coding capacities for polypeptides ranging from 40 to 1294 amino acids. Computer-assisted analyses of(More)
The terminal t-loop structure adopted by mammalian telomeres is thought to prevent telomeres from being recognized as double-stranded DNA breaks by sequestering the 3' single-stranded G-rich overhang from exposure to the DNA damage machinery. The POT1 (protection of telomeres) protein binds the single-stranded overhang and is required for both chromosomal(More)
microRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of negative regulators that take part in many processes such as growth and development, stress responses, and metabolism in plants. Recently, miRNAs were shown to function in plant nutrient metabolism. Moreover, several miRNAs were identified in the response to nitrogen (N) deficiency. To investigate the functions of other(More)
Textual similarity measurement is a challenging problem, as it requires understanding the semantics of input sentences. Most previous neural network models use coarse-grained sentence modeling, which has difficulty capturing fine-grained word-level information for semantic comparisons. As an alternative, we propose to explicitly model pairwise word(More)
Repair of DNA double-stranded breaks (DSBs) is crucial for the maintenance of genome stability. DSBs are repaired by either error prone non-homologous end-joining (NHEJ) or error-free homologous recombination. NHEJ precedes either by a classic, Lig4-dependent process (C-NHEJ) or an alternative, Lig4-independent one (A-NHEJ). Dysfunctional telomeres arising(More)
Swap spreads, the interest rate differentials between the fixed rates on fixed-for-floating swap contracts and the yields-to-maturity on maturity-matched government bonds, define a market for one of the most actively transacted securities in the global fixed-income arena. A large universe of fixed-income securities including corporate bonds and(More)