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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of the Shanghai Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP). METHODS A randomized controlled trial with six-month follow-up compared patients who received treatment with those who did not receive treatment (waiting-list controls) in five urban communities in Shanghai, China. Participants in the treatment group(More)
The problem of estimating the frequency and carrier phase of a single sinusoid observed in additive, white, Gaussian noise is addressed. Much of the work in the literature considers maximum likelihood (ML) estimation. However, the ML estimator given by the location of the peak of a periodogram in the frequency domain shown in D.C. Rife and R. R. Boorstyn,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to understand the prevalence rate, epidemiological characteristics and relevant factors of arthritis in Shanghai. METHODS A sample of 7 575 residents aged 15 years and above was drawn from 6 communities under multiple stage cluster sampling. A household survey with questionnaire was carried out to differentiate both undiagnosed(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence of type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose regulation among the permanent urban and rural inhabitants in Shanghai. METHODS Questionnaire survey, physical examination, and laboratory testing were conducted among 14401 urban and rural inhabitants aged 15 - 74 in Shanghai selected by multistage cluster random sampling.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the perceived neighborhood environment (NE) variables that are associated with physical activity (PA) in urban areas in China. METHODS Parents of students at two junior high schools in Shanghai, one downtown and the other in the suburbs, were recruited to participate in the study. They completed an International Physical Activity(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the prevalence of depression symptoms among employees in Shanghai and to explore the association of job stress factors with depression symptoms. METHODS Seven kinds of occupations were selected as subjects by convenient cluster sampling. Job stresses were assessed by core job stress scale and depression symptoms were measured by(More)
Seed storability is considered an important trait in rice breeding; however, the underlying regulating mechanisms remain largely unknown. Here, we carried out a physiological and proteomic study to identify proteins possibly related to seed storability under natural conditions. Two hybrid cultivars, IIYou998 (IIY998) and BoYou998 (BY998), were analyzed in(More)
A Δ6-desaturase gene was isolated from Microula sikkimensis. Sequence analysis indicated that the gene, designated MsD6DES, had an open reading frame of 1,357 bp and encoded 448 amino acids. Heterologous expression in tobacco indicated that MsD6DES can use endogenous substrates to synthesize γ-linolenic acid (GLA, 18:3(Δ 6,9,12)) and octadecatetraenoic acid(More)
Using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS), five microelements in human serum, hair, and fingernails of aged hypertension, coronary heart disease (diseased group) and aged health control (healthy group) were detected. Results of the t-test are as follows: The iron, zinc, and cadmium contents and Zn/Cu (mol/mol) ratio of the diseased group were significantly(More)