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—In this paper we develop an efficient numerical method for the finite-element model updating of damped gyroscopic systems based on incomplete complex modal measured data. It is assumed that the analytical mass and stiffness matrices are correct and only the damping and gyroscopic matrices need to be updated. By solving a constrained optimization problem,(More)
Mobile communication technologies have penetrated consumer markets throughout the world. Mobile commerce is likely to make a strong influence on business activities, consumer behavior, as well as national and global markets. Thus the identification of factors that influence mobile commerce adoption has significant value. In a global context, this study(More)
The purpose of this study is to provide insights into consumers' perception of service convenience and services consumption experience (conceptualized as two second-order formative constructs) and their potential influence on the development of long-term exchange relationship among consumers and service providers in the context of E-Services or broadly(More)
Convenance du service et échange relationnel dans un environnement médiatisé : une recherche empirique Abstract Academic research reflects an increasing concern that conventional knowledge on services management such as location strategy may not adequately inform management on crafting an IT-driven service strategy to succeed in the emerging electronic(More)
Some of the approaches have been developed to retrieve data automatically from one or multiple remote biological data sources. However, most of them require researchers to remain online and wait for returned results. The latter not only requires highly available network connection, but also may cause the network overload. Moreover, so far none of the(More)