Hua-Ching Chen

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The evolutionary learning algorithm called particle swarm optimization (PSO) is developed in this paper. The image model of the embedded mobile robot is automatically generated with the omni-directional image concept to approach toward the behavior of the embedded mobile robot. The circumvolutory environment is dynamically captured from the head of the(More)
The dynamic image segmentation algorithm with multiple stepwise evaluation machines was applied to resultant the new boundary from image contents. The concept of data fusion is also discussed in this research for making the good decision of image behavior by a 3D image describer. It achieves the high-understanding objects by merging some non-distinct image(More)
Clustering algorithm is a crucial step before to analysis object’s feature in image applications. The adapt DB-PSO patterns clustering algorithms (ADPCA) combined the particle swarm optimization (PSO) clustering algorithm and adapt DB_index measuring methodology to efficiently decide the real number of clusters, cluster centers, and then to recognize the(More)
The enhanced parameters tuning (EPT) algorithm is applied to adjust the parameters of 802.11e, i.e. arbitration inter frame space (AIFS), Contention window minimum (CWmin) and Contention window maximum (CWmax). The EPT tuning algorithm is proposed with the simple and effective adjustment in the priority combinations strategy to achieve the high quality of(More)
This study developed a fuzzy image model system for transmitting data over a wireless network channel to efficiently realize human activity in virtual images presentation. Because of the excellent mobile characteristics of wireless sensing networks, small devices are very desirable for local-area deployment. Complex model identification problems, such as(More)
The arbitration inter frame space, Contention window minimum and Contention window maximum are some of the most important parameters of 802.11e, and the enhanced parameters tuning algorithm is applied for their adjustment. To achieve the high quality of service (QoS), priority combinations strategy with simpleness and effectiveness is proposed. In such a(More)
The novel particle swarm optimization (PSO) learning algorithm is applied to automatically generate the fuzzy systems with the image processing technology in achieving the adaptability of the embedded mobile robot. The omni-directional image mathematical model for the mobile robot system is established to represent the indoor environment. The embedded fuzzy(More)
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