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The model for precise description and measurement of user profile was studied through adopting the technology of knowledge discovery from database. The news browsing manner of users was analyzed, while news similarity was computed based on users' reading style, then the model for user profile was generated by the mining algorithm. The experiments showed(More)
As a general purpose system in optical computing,optical vector-matrix multiplier (OVMM) can be applied in a variety of fields. After recalling Goodman’s classic principle of OVMM we proposed a new method taking advantage of liquid crystal array, which can solve the flaws of the former. Here we explain in details the principle of this new method and(More)
The study on neural systems is very hot, especially regarding modelling of fuzzy neural networks. The neuron models have been limited in interval [0,1] before. This paper studies the logic operators and neuron models of proposition object based on [a, b]. Any interval [a, b] is called a generalized interval. Firstly, authors provide the conception of(More)
The lack of heuristic information is the fundamental reason that affects the attribute selection in data mining. Spatial hypersurface plays a very important role in the classification problem which reflects the characteristic of class attribute and condition attributes. In this paper, a new measure for determining the importance level of the attributes(More)
In an artificial immune system, how to control the number of detectors and decrease probability of fail to detect no-self is a problem. Because of existence of "holes", there are some none-self string can not be detected. Based on greedy algorithm described by D'haeseleer in [1], we present one algorithm to generate Hybrid Detector Set (detectors with(More)
Spatial hypersurface plays a very important role in the classification problem. In SVM, classification hypersurface is emphasized because of the direct induction of the support vectors, so the hypersurface reflecting the relation between categorical attribute and condition attributes acquired by SVM promotes the classification effect. In traditional SVM(More)
As a general purpose system in optical computing, optical vector-matrix multiplier (OVMM) can be applied in a variety of fields. In 2007 a novel ternary logic optical processor has been developed in our lab. We combine light intensity and polarization to denote ternary notation and use liquid crystal array to complete the state transformation among ternary(More)
Ternary logic optical processor which is completed according to Decreased-Radix Design Principle (DRDP) can construct all dualistic ternary logic operators (add up to19683 kinds). There is no carry propagation of addition of Modified Signed Digit (MSD) representation and the computation only needs several dualistic ternary logical transformations. Thus, MSD(More)
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