Hu Xiaoming

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With the increasing performance of computer, the virtual instrument technology has greatly advanced over the years, and then virtual medical instrument technology becomes available. This paper presents the virtual medical instrument, and then as an example, an application of a signal acquisition, processing and analysis system using LabVIEW is also given.
The non-hydrostatic mesoscale model MM5V3 is used to simulate the wind and temperature fields of the atmospheric boundary layer over Beijing area in summer with the mesh resolution of 1 km. The simulation results show that the numerical model can successfully simulate the urban heat island effect and the wind and temperature fields which are affected by the(More)
To cure brain paralysis this paper has briefly summarized the rudimentary knowledge of the ultrasonic therapy, and briefly introduced the methods of dolphin ultrasonic therapy, through the research of the dolphin ultrasonic therapy, the ultrasonic frequency chart wave band which is more efficient to the therapy of brain paralysis is measured, and one method(More)
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