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Improving authentication delay is a key issue for achieving seamless handovers across networks and domains. This paper presents an overview of fast authentication methods when roaming within or across IEEE 802.11 Wireless-LANs. Besides this overview, the paper analyses the applicability of IEEE 802.11f and Seamoby solutions to enable fast authentication for(More)
There is a close relationship between selenium deficiency and Kaschin–Beck disease (KBD). Although the etiology of KBD is not known and selenium deficiency is not its actual cause, it is an important environmental risk factor. In particular, in the Qing-Tibet Plateau, a selenium-deficient region, the prevalence of KBD is serious and still increasing and(More)
This paper investigates the stability for fractional-order Hopfield neural networks with time delays. Firstly, the fractional-order Hopfield neural networks with hub structure and time delays are studied. Some sufficient conditions for stability of the systems are obtained. Next, two fractional-order Hopfield neural networks with different ring structures(More)