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An analytic flying model that can well represent the physical behavior is derived, where the ball's self-rotational velocity changes along with the flying velocity. Based on the least square method, a rebound model that represents the relation between the velocities before and after rebound is established. The initial trajectory is fitted to three second(More)
Under stress, some secondary metabolites are synthesized and accumulated in plants. Salicylic acid, which is synthesized through phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and isochorismate synthase, is involved in this response to stress. However, the effects of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and isochorismate synthase on the total flavonoids and desirable isoflavonoids in(More)
Exposure to ozone induced a rapid increase in the levels of the sesquiterpene phytohormone abscisic acid (ABA) and the isoflavone puerarin in suspension cell cultures of Pueraria thomsnii Benth. The observed increases in ABA and puerarin were dependent on the concentration of ozone applied to P. thomsnii cell cultures. In order to examine the role of ABA in(More)
UV-B irradiation induced production of secondary metabolites in plant cells. However, the mechanisms of UV-B-induced secondary metabolite production remained largely unknown. Here we report that UV-B treatment stimulated nitric oxide (NO) generation and camptothecin (CPT) production in Camptotheca acuminata cells. To investigate the origin of the(More)
Train visual simulation system is an important component of a train simulator. Now advanced train visual simulation systems are usually equipped with large-wide projection screen or multiprojection screens to display, and high-end graphic workstation to complete the multiple channels real-time rendering task. They can provide the user large field of view(More)
Learning control has been an active topic of research for several decades, and is of theoretical, as well as practical, significance. Current theories and developments in learning control are discussed. Following a brief introduction of the state as well as new progress on learning control, we give a detail review on the models and algorithms of the control(More)
This paper focuses on the generation of a feasible path for a car-like vehicle working in a large scientific facility environment. Considering the curvature continuity and maximum curvature constraints, a novel path-smoothing algorithm is proposed in terms of cubic Bezier curves. In the algorithm, Bezier turn and Bezier path are respectively developed.(More)
Focusing on the long-thin cylindrical component with small diameter and deep hole, we present an internal structure inspection method based on micro vision. A camera consisting of CCD sensor and endoscope is used to get clear images of the component's internal structure. The curves in the image are extracted to represent the internal structure. A search(More)