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Side population (SP) cells are a small subset of cells isolated from a cultured cancer cell line with characteristics similar to those of cancer stem cells, such as high metastatic and tumorigenic potentials. However, the molecular mechanisms remain unclear for the malignant properties of SP cells. In this study, SP cells were isolated by staining cultured(More)
It’s very important to monitor the mechanical condition of portal crane for the device safety management. According to the characters of portal crane, a wireless monitoring system of the mechanical condition has been designed in the paper, including the status of metal structure, slewing bearing and speed reducer. The system has solved the(More)
In order to evaluate the bilingual instructing process and help the university acquire timely feedback information from students, a Bilingual Teaching Evaluation System based on BP neural network is established. Based on the investigation and analysis of the bilingual instructing process in Nanchang University, an evaluation index system is built, which(More)
The nodes in wireless sensor networks are broadcasted randomly causes the distribution of the nodes and the clusters asymmetrical. This situation affects performance of networks. The power control technology of cluster heads was needed to optimize framework of networks. However, it is difficult to set up mathematic modeling. Therefore the power control(More)
Satellite navigation is very important for ship safety assurance. A system for ship safety is called AIS (Automatic Identification System). In the AIS system GPS is the main component. The AIS is the system which IMO (International Maritime Organization) forces some ships to install. These ships are called Convention Applied ships. So the safety of these(More)
Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a system that enables ships to exchange static and dynamic information about ships and navigation, such as position, course, name etc., automatically by VHF radio. GPRS monitoring system can trace, dispatch and navigate ships by GPRS network. They are the two main ways of monitoring the ships. However, the two(More)
Rotating machine fault detecting is the key technology for ensure that they can run health and security. And the simple and practice methods based on envelope employed in the fault detecting. In this paper, a vibration signal envelope extract method based on wavelet was proposed. In this proposed, the wavelet used to filter the noise which embedded the(More)
This paper presents a detailed design of GPS signal fast acquisition system using the method of extended multiple correlator in FPGA. A 12-channel GPS signal acquisition system is implemented and an extra noise-monitoring channel is used to provide an adaptive threshold. Programming the system on FPGA development platform, results show that the system can(More)
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