Hu Kai

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In Drosophila melanogaster the syndrome of germline abnormalities generated in the P-M system is caused by transposable elements known as the P element family. The frequency of gonadal dysgenesis, GD sterility characteristic of the P-M system, was estimated in 120 populations, collected in 1980-1983 from arround the world, in order to determine the present(More)
In the field of chaotic image encryption, the algorithm based on correlating key with plaintext has become a new developing direction. However, for this kind of algorithm, some shortcomings in resistance to reconstruction attack, efficient utilization of chaotic resource, and reducing dynamical degradation of digital chaos are found. In order to solve these(More)
— Criterion for choosing chaos map to drive image bit permutation based on chaos permutation information entropy is proposed. An algorithm for image bit permutation is designed based on the fact that the output trajectory of chaotic system is very unpredictable. Image smallest granularity scrambling, namely, bit space maximum scrambling is implemented by(More)
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