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Three antibacterial compounds from the roots of Pteris multifida
A new eudesmane-type sesquiterpenoid, 3β-caffeoxyl-1β,8α-dihydroxyeudesm-4(15)-ene (1), together with two known compounds including ludongnin V (2) and isoneorautenol (3), were isolated from theExpand
Two new neolignan glycosides from Pteris multifida Poir
Two new neolignan glycosides, named as multifidoside A and B 2, together with four known compounds have been isolated from the roots of Pteris multifida Poir. The structures of multifidoside A and BExpand
Study on the Constituent and Fungistasis of the Four Kinds of Complex Preparation from Herb Medicine
Results showed that the extracts from the complex preparation contained various chemical constituents, and the inhibiting rates to Botrytis cinerea, Phytophthora capsici,Alternaria solani and Fusarium oxysporium were 98.0%,96.0,78.5% and 65.2%,respectively. Expand
Reform in Experiment Teaching of the Organic Chemistry
Experiment teaching is an important part of the teaching of organic chemistry. We made an attempt to reform the methods and improve the experiment conditions with the aim of developing experimentExpand
Synthesis of N-(4-chlorbenzoyl)-N′-(2-chlorophenyl)thiourea
We prepared N-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-N′-(2-chlorophenyl)thiourea using dischlorombethane as the solvent and using poly(ethylene glycol)-400(PEG-400) as the catalyst.The product was characterized by IR.