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We build an open-source RTL framework, QuteRTL, which can serve as a front-end for research in RTL synthesis and verification. Users can use QuteRTL to read in RTL Verilog designs, obtain CDFGs, generate hierarchical or flattened gate-level netlist, and link to logic synthesis/ optimization tools (e.g. Berkeley ABC). We have tested QuteRTL on various RTL(More)
In this paper, we proposed an Automatic Target Constraint Generation (ATCG) technique to automatically generate compact and high-quality constraints for the guided random simulation environment. Our objective is to tackle the biggest bottleneck of the entire constrained random simulation process --- the time-consuming and error-prone manual testbench(More)
In this paper, we propose a property-specific sequential invariant extraction algorithm to improve the performance of the SAT-based Unbounded Modeling Checkers (UMCs). By analyzing the property-related predicates and their corresponding high-level design constructs such as FSMs and counters, we can quickly identify the sequential invariants that are useful(More)
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