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  • Shu Yinbiao, Kang Lee, Mr Peter Lanctot, Fan Jianbin, Hu Hao, Mr +19 others
  • 2014
White Paper 3 Today, smart grid, smart homes, smart water networks, intelligent transportation, are infrastructure systems that connect our world more than we ever thought possible. The common vision of such systems is usually associated with one single concept , the internet of things (IoT), where through the use of sensors, the entire physical(More)
Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) is a ubiquitously expressed protein kinase, which regulates cell fate in numerous injury conditions. Therefore, ASK1 may be a promising novel therapeutic target for injury. However, the expression and distribution of ASK1 in the perinatal brain following hypoxia-ischemia (HI) remains to be elucidated. In the(More)
Introns near 5' end of genes generally enhance gene expression because of an enhancer /a promoter within their sequence or as intron-mediated enhancement. Surprisingly, our previous experiments found that the vector containing the last intron (intron V) of human thromobopoietin (hTPO) expressed higher hTPO in cos-1 cell than the vector containing intron I(More)
Wind power prediction of wind farm plays a decisive role in stable electric power system operation.The BP neural network's basic principle was introduced, and the numerical weather prediction (NWP) data and power data of wind farm as the training data of BP neural network was selected and trained; a linear regression model about the sample prediction error(More)
A fundamental property of solid materials is their stress state. Stress state of a solid or thin film material has profound effects on its thermodynamic stability and physical and chemical properties. The classical mechanical stress ( M) originates from lattice strain ( ), following Hooke's law:  M =C, where C is elastic constant matrix. Recently, a(More)
Hippocampal neurons of neonatal rats were cultured in serum-free culture medium for 5 days in vitro, and treated with the Rho-kinase inducer lysophosphatidic acid. Atomic force microscopy revealed that the numbers of level-1, -2 and -3 neurites protruding from rat hippocampal neurons was significantly reduced. After treatment with the Rho kinase inhibitor(More)
  • Y Ha, Yu Pu, Tu H Corporaal, Y Eindhoven, Ha, Tu R H J M Otten +22 others
  • 2009
Voltage scaling is one of the most effective and straightforward means for CMOS digital circuit's energy reduction. Aggressive voltage scaling to the near or sub-threshold region helps achieving ultra-low energy consumption. However, it brings along big challenges to reach the required throughput and to have good tolerance of process variations. This thesis(More)
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