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This paper is the research of S-rough recognition theory engrafted with information security theory. By using of assistant set in S-rough sets, this paper gives S-rough recognition structure of knowledge: rough recognition on the upper knowledge family R<sup>+</sup>, rough recognition on the lower knowledge family R<sup>-</sup>; gives S-rough recognition(More)
Fire plays an important role in Northeast China forests. The occurrence of fires is closely related to the environmental characteristics. High temperature, drought, and strong wind in spring (March to July) and autumn (September to November) are common fire climatic characteristics in Northeast China. Based on the chemical and physical characters of fuels,(More)
Based on the research of the Forest Burning Links published in the Journal of Northeast Forestry University in 1987, this paper continues to study the theory of forest burning. Fire behavior has been divided into two important series in this paper. One is fire occurrence and spread, and the other is burning intensity. The first series has been divided into(More)
This paper theorizes a stabile and compressive mutual mode between the membership of business incubation network, and successfully simulates the incubation process based on Game theory. In the model, we analyzed the business incubation network not only specifies the playing partners but, crucially, also determines how relevant strategic information diffuses(More)
  • Hu Haiqing
  • Journal of Northeast Forestry University
  • 2008
Based on the great field investigation and experiment in laboratory, four fuel types were classified for all broad-leaved/Korean pine forests and its plantations in northeast China in this paper. Various kinds of fuel loads, combustibility and potential energy are calculated and discussed. The relationships between fuel types, fire environment and fire(More)
The paper begins from the basic content of business incubation network (BIN) and expatiates the meanings of BIN evolution and its model. And the paper uses genetic algorithm to evaluate the evolutionary ability of the incubatee and BIN based on the model of stimulus - consciousness - reaction of BIN, and supposes the path to improve the evolutionary ability(More)
Based on the field data, remote sensing spectrum reflectance value of river suspended sediment in Huma abandoned gold mining areas, taking Landsat TM image as the main data, simulated and analyzed the spectral signature among 4 bands from the visible to the near-infrared of sandy water, and retrieved the suspended sediment concentration. The result(More)
Based on the fire statistics, the Daxing’anling forest area were classified into three fire cycle regions: northern coniferous virgin forest region with a fire cycle ofl 10–120 years, middle conifer-broad-leaved mixed forest region with a fire cycle of 30–40 years, and southern broad-leaved secondary forest region with a fire cycle of 15–20. The percentage(More)
In this paper, we present a model of 'collective innovation' built upon the business incubation network formation formalism. In our model, incubator and incubatee localized on a circle benefit from knowledge flows from other agents with whom they are directly or indirectly connected They support costs for direct connections which are linearly increasing(More)
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