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The metalloprotein, CadR, was redesigned to optimize cadmium and mercury specificity of CadR-based E. coli biosensors. By truncating 10 and 21 amino acids from the C-terminal extension of CadR, CadR-TC10 and CadR-TC21 were obtained, respectively. The genes cadR, cadR-TC10 and cadR-TC21 were used as sensing elements to construct green fluorescent protein(More)
Bioenergy is renewable energy and offers the promise for reducing dependency on fossil fuels. The main environmental impacts of bioenergy are associated with land use and greenhouse gas emission. This special issue covers multidisciplinary approaches and intensive research orientations for the real challenges in bioenergy and its environmental impacts. For(More)
A Pseudomonas putida whole-cell bioreporter for detecting bioavailable copper was constructed by inserting a CueR-regulated sensor element upstream of a promoterless green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter gene. The constructed bioreporter cells expressed GFP only in response to Cu and Ag when cultivated in different metal salt solutions. M9 supplemented(More)
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