Hu Chang Jun

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Test case generation is the most important part of the testing efforts, the automation of specification based test case generation needs formal or semi-formal specifications. As a semi-formal modelling language, UML is widely used to describe analysis and design specifications by both academia and industry, thus UML models become the sources of test(More)
ion Convincingness Distinctness Natural 5.08 89% Baldi 5.10 94% Matrix 5.10 77% The medium used to express an emotion, which could be either audio, visual or the combination of both, has significant influence on its convincingness (F[2,64]=4.332, p=.017). Visual and audio/visual expressions were slightly more convincing than audio expressions (t[32]=2.089,(More)
A multi-objective mobile robot path planning algorithm based on improved genetic algorithm is proposed. The algorithm aims to achieve three kinds of optimization objects for planned paths: length, smoothness and security by introducing the chaotic sequence and heuristic method based on environmental knowledge to initialize population so as to improve the(More)
In this study, an animal model of early myocardial ischemia (EMI) was established by ligating the left anterior descending coronary artery of rats. The experimental animals were divided into five groups according to different intervals of MI (15, 30min, 1, 2, and 3h) and one control group. Tissues from the apex of the myocardium and the adjacent myocardium(More)
Microscopic structures of room temperature ionic liquid (IL) [bmim][PF6] on hydrophobic graphite surfaces have been studied in detail by molecular dynamics simulation. It is clearly shown that both the mass and electron densities of the surface adsorbed ionic liquid are oscillatory, and the first peak adjacent to the graphite surface is considerably higher(More)
Abducent palsy, a dysfunction of cranial nerve VI causing diplopia, has an annual population incidence of about 11 per 100 000, of which 3% follow neurosurgery. About 60% of patients with isolated abducent palsy from vascular causes recover within 9 months. Diplopia can significantly affect the person’s quality of life, making simple everyday tasks(More)
In this paper, for embedded software systems we consider the problem of checking component-based designs for scenario-based specifications. The component-based designs are modelled by interface automaton networks which consist of a set of interface automata synchronized by shared actions, and the scenario-based specifications are specified by UML sequence(More)
For real-time software systems, this paper considers the problem of checking component-based designs for timing scenario-based specifications, which is one of the challenges in real-time computing domain. Firstly the timing scenario-based specifications are specified by UML sequence diagrams with a set of boolean expressions, then the interface automata for(More)
We present a novel framework for decentralised coalition formation in social networks, where agents can form coalitions through bilateral negotiations with their neighbours. Specifically, we present a practical negotiation protocol and decision functions that enable agents to form coalitions with agents beyond their peers. Building on this, we establish(More)
EIn:Wuhan Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban ) , 2000 ,46 (5 ) . 608" ' 612] Digital Video Survei l lance System Based On Network JIANG Chao,SU Xiang-fang ,LIU Li-hai ,Mu Xu-dong ,CHEN Ping LUO Xue-jin,HU Jun, WANG Yan-ping (College of Electronic Information, Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430072, China) Abstract: In this paper , the key technology of digital(More)