Hsun K. Liu

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Under low background illumination, the pupil responds only to an increase in light intensity by a transient constriction when the extent and rate of the increase exceed a certain values. We term this response the dynamic papillary response in order to differentiate it from the much more sluggish and much less pronounced response moiety that governs the(More)
The potential of the extremely inexpensive Radio Shack liquid-crystal television (LCTV) as a two-dimensional spatial light modulator has been investigated. The LCTV modulates the transmission of coherent or incoherent light and can either be electronically addressed through a microcomputer or optically addressed with a TV camera. We have measured the(More)
A new nonspreading beam is proposed for the case in which diffraction occurs only in one transverse coordinate. The beam has the shape of a pulse in one dimension and is constant in the other (slitlike shape). The intensity of the pulse's peak remains almost constant along a finite interval on the propagation axis. The proposed beam is analyzed and(More)
Conventional radiographic imaging techniques are not adequate for determination of the true, dynamic changes in shape and dimensions of the intact working heart, lungs and circulation which are required for accurate quantitative determination of the structure and function of these organ systems. This paper describes a computerized method for obtaining(More)
Nickel oxide (NiO) nanotubes have been produced for the first time via a template processing method. The synthesis involved a two step chemical reaction in which nickel hydroxide (Ni(OH) 2) nanotubes were firstly formed within the walls of an anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) template. The template was then dissolved away using concentrated NaOH, and the freed(More)
A perfectly convergent unipolar neural associative-memory system based on nonlinear dynamical terminal attractors is presented. With adaptive setting of the threshold values for the dynamic iteration for the unipolar binary neuron states with terminal attractors, perfect convergence is achieved. This achievement and correct retrieval are demonstrated by(More)
Johnston and Hunter (1989) reported that in monozygotic twins discordant for cleft lip +/- palate, the noncleft twins demonstrated what appeared to be a bimodal distribution of nasal cavity width. Two thirds showed reduced airway size and one third showed normal or slightly greater airway size. They suggested that the two-thirds group may represent reduced(More)
Linear and logarithmic coherent spatial-filtering techniques are compared in the separation of multiplicative noise from an image in a coherent-optical image-processing system. It is demonstrated that both techniques are effective in the removal of simple grating-type high-frequency noises, but that linear filtering cannot remove noise of spatial(More)
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