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From a sequence of computed tomograms of two-dimensional transverse slices of a body one can build up a three-dimensional array of numbers containing spatial rather than cross-sectional information. We have developed computer methods to display a slice at arbitrary orientation through the three-dimensional object. The three-dimensional array of numbers can(More)
The observed total interlaboratory uncertainty in restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) measurements is sufficiently small to be of little significance given current forensic needs. However, as the number of RFLP data increase, further reduction in the total uncertainty could help minimize the resources required to evaluate potential profile(More)
Identifying the intrinsic sources of measurement uncertainty greatly facilitates control and further optimization of a measurement system. We have developed a model which quantitatively describes the observed interlaboratory variability of autoradiographic DNA band sizing. The model focuses on optical imaging measurements of band position and the(More)
For the purpose of reducing the spurious states in a Hopfield neural net for associative memory, we invoke terminal attractors. In achieving the optical implementation of the terminal-attractor-based associative memory (TABAM) as described in this paper, we first prove the existence of the terminal-attractor model with binary neuron representation. We then(More)
The basic principle and experimental results of applying a specific contact screen for performing multiplex holographic filtering in a real-time coherent optical correlator are presented. The specific design and fabrication of a 1- and 2-D gray density contact screen as well as a 2-D dichromated gelatin phase screen are described. The 2-D density-type(More)
A novel polarization- and space-encoded parallel optical fuzzy logic processor is proposed and demonstrated by use of optical fan-out elements and polarization multiplexing. Sixteen fuzzy logic operations between two inputs are achieved with a simple data-encoding scheme. Our system exhibits a high operation speed, a high signalto- noise ratio, a large(More)
A new nonspreading beam is proposed for the case in which diffraction occurs only in one transverse coordinate. The beam has the shape of a pulse in one dimension and is constant in the other (slitlike shape). The intensity of the pulse's peak remains almost constant along a finite interval on the propagation axis. The proposed beam is analyzed and(More)