Hsun-Chih Kuo

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A descriptive correlational study was designed to examine the relationships between boundary ambiguity, coping strategies and depression in mothers caring for children with epilepsy. A total of 316 mothers were recruited from three medical centers in Taiwan. A pilot study established the reliability and validity of the Chinese language version of the Coping(More)
Microarray analysis is a technology for monitoring gene expression levels on a large scale and has been widely used in functional genomics. A challenging issue in the analysis of microarray data is normalization. A proper normalization procedure ensures that the intensity ratios provide meaningful measures of relative expression levels. There are two(More)
Sixty peony root training samples of the same age were collected from various regions in Korea and China, and their genetic diversity was investigated for 23 chloroplast intergenic space regions. All samples were genetically indistinguishable, indicating that the DNA-based techniques employed were not appropriate for determining the samples' regions of(More)
The mean shift clustering algorithm is a useful tool for clustering numeric data. Recently, Chang-Chien et al. [1] proposed a mean shift clustering algorithm for circular data that are directional data on a plane. In this paper, we extend the mean shift clustering for directional data on a hypersphere. The three types of mean shift procedures are(More)
Eisen’s tree view is a useful tool for clustering and displaying of microarray gene expression data. In Eisen’s tree view system, a hierarchical method is used for clustering data. However, some useful information in gene expression data may not be well drawn when a hierarchical clustering is directly used in Eisen’s tree view. In this paper, we embed the(More)
Stroke is a common acute neurologic and disabling disease. Orthostatic hypertension (OH) is one of the catastrophic cardiovascular conditions. If a stroke patient has OH, he/she has higher chance to fall or syncope during the following courses of treatment. This can result in possible bone fracture and the burden of medical cost therefore increases. How to(More)