Hsuliang Chang

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The Extended Tree Knapsack Problem(ETKP) is a generalized version of the Tree Knapsack Problem where an arbitrary nonlinear traac-ow cost is imposed. This problem can be solved by the straightforward \bottom-up" approach with a time complexity of O(nH 2), where n is the number of nodes in the tree, and H is the knapsack capacity. In this paper, we show that(More)
BACKGROUND An implantable port device provides an easily accessible central route for long-term chemotherapy. Venous catheter migration is one of the rare complications of venous port implantation. It can lead to side effects such as pain in the neck, shoulder, or ear, venous thrombosis, and even life-threatening neurologic problems. To date, there are few(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence for the impact of inappropriate antimicrobial therapy on bacteremia is mainly from studies in medical centers. We investigated the impact of inappropriate antimicrobial therapy on bacteremia in a community hospital. In particular, patients from the hospital's affiliated nursing home were sent to the hospital with adequate referral(More)
BACKGROUND Influenza B virus infection is generally considered to be mild and is rarely associated pulmonary cardiovascular involvement in adults. However fatal complications may occur. CASE PRESENTATION A 43-year-old previously healthy Taiwanese male came to our emergency department due to high fever, chills, general malaise and myalgia for about 4 days.(More)
BACKGROUND Implantable venous access port (IVAP)-related blood stream infections (BSIs) are one of the most common complications of implantable venous ports. The risk factors and pathogens for IVAP-related BSIs are still controversial. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed all patients who received IVAPs at a Hospital in Taiwan from January 1, 2011 to June(More)
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