Hsui Po Wang

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—The culture of yellow perch Perca flavescens has received considerable interest in the Midwest and elsewhere in the USA as a result of the decline of wild populations and their high market demand. In this study, the effects of size-grading on the production efficiency and growth performance of food-sized yellow perch were determined in six 0.1-ha ponds by(More)
BACKGROUND There is a lack of consensus on how endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) guided pseudocyst drainage should be performed. This survey was carried out amongst members of the Asian Endoscopic Ultrasonography Group (AEG) to describe their practices in performing this procedure. METHODS This was an Asia wide multi-institutional survey amongst members of the(More)
—Concerns over the economic feasibility of commercial aquaculture production of bluegills Lepomis macrochirus have heightened the need for strategies to enhance growth. Recent studies have shown that individually reared bluegill males can grow twice as fast as females; such studies have generated increased interest in development of mostly male or all-male(More)
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