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Updated systematic review of tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy for treatment of pediatric obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome
Despite popular belief, meta-analysis of current literature demonstrates that pediatric sleep apnea is often not cured by T&A, making it a valuable first-line treatment for pediatric OSAHS. Expand
Normal Tension Glaucoma in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome
Patients with OSAHS had a high prevalence of NTG, especially in patients with moderate and severe OSAHL, and the severity of OSA HS inversely correlated with retinal nerve fiber layer thickness. Expand
Angiographic morphologic features of infarct-related arteries and timely reperfusion in acute myocardial infarction: predictors of slow-flow and no-reflow phenomenon.
Early reperfusion reduces the incidence of slow-flow or no-reflow phenomenon in the IRA and overall 30-day mortality and indicates "high-burden thrombus formation" in the IRAs after d-PCI. Expand
Expression and prognostic role of tumor suppressor gene PTEN/MMAC1/TEP1 in hepatocellular carcinoma
Inactivation of the tumor suppressor gene PTEN/MMAC1/TEP1, located on chromosome 10q23, is a common event in advanced stages of diverse human malignancies. However, the prognostic role of PTENExpand
miR-146b is highly expressed in adult papillary thyroid carcinomas with high risk features including extrathyroidal invasion and the BRAF(V600E) mutation.
The results show the potential importance of miR-221, mi-222, and mi-146b in determining the aggressive properties of PTCs and highlight the need to identify the gene targets of these miRNAs. Expand
Adult bacterial meningitis in southern Taiwan: epidemiologic trend and prognostic factors
Initial empirical antibiotics with both third-generation cephalosporin and penicillin G, should be considered for the majority of meningitis cases resulting from infection with Gram-negative bacilli and streptococcal species. Expand
Comparison of baseline characteristics, clinical features, angiographic results, and early outcomes in men vs women with acute myocardial infarction undergoing primary coronary intervention.
A gender gap of 30-day mortality existed between women and men with AMI that could not be altered by primary PCI, and was not truly related to gender alone. Expand
The Efficacy of Multilevel Surgery of the Upper Airway in Adults With Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome
The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the literature on multilevel surgery for OSAHS patients, and to focus on efficacy of uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. Expand
Adult spinal epidural abscess: clinical features and prognostic factors
Preoperative plegia was identified as a poor prognostic factor, and patients with SEA continue to show high rates of morbidity and mortality, and early diagnosis and management are mandatory to treat the patients before the deterioration of neurologic deficit occurs. Expand
Acute myocardial infarction with simultaneous ST-segment elevation in the precordial and inferior leads: evaluation of anatomic lesions and clinical implications.
AMI with ECG manifestation of simultaneous ST-segment elevation in precordial and inferior leads can be caused by either a wrapped LADA occlusion or a nonwrapped LADA Occlusion. Expand