Hsueh-Shih Chen

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A Pt@TiO2@AAO membrane nanoreactor was fabricated by atomic layer deposition. The photodegradation test of methylene blue demonstrated that the nanoreactor shows efficient photocatalysis performance. It exhibited ~28% photodegradation of methylene blue after ten flow-through cycles, corresponding to about 2.7 × 10(-2) s of contact time of methylene blue(More)
Particles present in diesel exhaust have been proposed as a significant contributor to the development of acute and chronic lung diseases, including respiratory infection and allergic asthma. Nanoceria (CeO2 nanoparticles) are used to increase fuel efficiency in internal combustion engines, are present in exhaust fumes, and could affect cells of the airway.(More)
Wide gamut light emitting diodes using quantum dot-silicone film protected by atomic layer deposited TiO2 film were demonstrated. The core/shell QDs with multi-emission peaks were synthesised by a one-pot approach, in which the emission wavelength and colour composition were in situ adjusted during the synthetic process.
The atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique is applied to coat Ag nanowires (NWs) with a highly uniform and conformal TiO2 layer to improve the stability and sustainability of Ag NW transparent conductive films (TCFs) at high temperatures. The TiO2 layer can be directly deposited on Ag NWs with a surface polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) coat that acts a bed for(More)
In this paper, ZnO nanoflowers (NFs) were fabricated by thermal decomposition in an organic solvent and their application in gas sensors and photocatalysis was investigated. These single crystal ZnO NFs, which were observed for the first time, with an average size of ∼60 nm and were grown along the {100} facet. It was suggested that oleylamine used in the(More)
Three silica-titania thin films with various degrees of molecular homogeneity were synthesized by the sol-gel process with the same precursor formula but different reaction paths. The dried films prepared by a single spin-coating process have a thickness of 500-700 nm and displayed no cracks or pin holes. The transmittances and refractive indices of the(More)
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