Hsueh Hao Shih

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A large number of mutant proteins with single amino acid substitutions are now being produced. The ability to predict the structural changes expected from such mutations would aid greatly in the efficient utilization of the mutagenic techniques and in the interpretation of the changes in stability and function that result. A minimum perturbation approach is(More)
It has been seen that emotion recognition is an important research topic in the field of Human and computer interface. A novel technique for Feature Extraction (FE) has been presented here, further a new method has been used for human emotion recognition which is based on HHT method. This method is feasible for analyzing the nonlinear and non-stationary(More)
In this paper, we discuss a new technology implemented with all single wafer process for 300 mm fab. Very aggressive cycle time reduction with high yield has been demonstrated (one-third cycle time of that of conventional fab) in single polysilicon triple metal 8M/4M low power SRAM. High performance devices with excellent reliability are also achieved.
Both waves and currents rank highly by user groups among oceanographic observation variables. Real-time information of these variables is especially useful for vessel operators and recreational users in and around ports, harbors and bays. Other applications include coastal land management, ecosystem protection and restoration, mitigation of coast hazards(More)
Baseline wander (BW) is a low frequency artifact in biomedical electronic recordings. It is usually caused by patient's respiration or movement of equipments. The removal of this artifact is important in ECG recordings for reliable visual interpretation. This paper presents the implementation of Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD), Ensemble Empirical(More)
New methods are described that permit detailed analysis of the NMR spectra of calmodulin, an alpha-helical protein with a molecular weight of 16.7 kD. Two complementary approaches have been used: uniform labeling with 15N and labeling of specific amino acids with either 15N or 13C. It is demonstrated that uniform 15N labeling permits the recording of(More)
Cytochrome P450 (CYP)1A2 is abundantly expressed in the liver of all vertebrate species. In most, its expression is restricted to the liver. Sequence analysis of the human CYP1A2 5'-flanking region from +3 to -3201 identified six E-box motifs within the 3-methylcholanthrene (MC) enhancer element (-1987 to -3201). The E-box motif is recognized by members of(More)
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