Hsuan Lee

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This paper aims at detecting the existence of <i>building blocks</i> directly from the fitness function without performing genetic algorithms. To do so, this paper extends the convergence time model and the gambler's ruin model so they can be applied to a larger variety of problems. With proposed models, the number of fitness evaluations can be estimated(More)
This work proposes a test function to study overlapping. The test function provides full controllability over overlapping. To achieve full controllability, the building block assigning problem is reduced to a bipartite matching problem which allow us to directly assign extent of overlapping to each gene. At the end, an experiment on overlapping shows that(More)
We provide evidence that the chirality of collagen can give rise to strong second-harmonic generation circular dichroism (SHG-CD) responses in nonlinear microscopy. Although chirality is an intrinsic structural property of collagen, most of the previous studies ignore that property. We demonstrate chiral imaging of individual collagen fibers by using a(More)
Because of their exceptional local-field enhancement and ultrasmall mode volume, plasmonic components can integrate photonics and electronics at nanoscale, and active control of plasmons is the key. However, all-optical modulation of plasmonic response with nanometer mode volume and unity modulation depth is still lacking. Here we show that scattering from(More)
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