Hsuan-Ju Chen

Te-Yu Lin4
Bernhard Schaller.3
4Te-Yu Lin
3Bernhard Schaller.
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This nationwide population-based retrospective cohort study was used to evaluate the association between pneumoconiosis and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). We identified 3374 patients with pneumoconiosis from the catastrophic illness registry who were newly diagnosed from 2000 to 2005; 13,496 patients without pneumoconiosis from Longitudinal Health(More)
The correlation between hip replacement (Hip-Rep) and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) remains uncertain. Thus, we investigated the relationship between Hip-Rep and risk of developing PAD in a nationwide retrospective cohort study.National Health Insurance data were used to assemble a cohort of patients who were diagnosed from 2000 to 2011. Patients with a(More)
Asthma has been described as an ''acephalic migraine'' and ''pulmonary migraine.'' However, no study has investigated the temporal frequency of migraine development in patients with asthma, and the results of previous studies may be difficult to generalize. We investigated the effect of asthma on the subsequent development of migraine by using a(More)
Previous studies suggest that an association between restless legs syndrome (RLS) and migraine exists. However, population-based data are unavailable in Asian cohorts. Our study thus aims to evaluate the association between migraine and RLS in a nationwide, population-based cohort in Taiwan and to examine the effects of age, sex, migraine subtype, and(More)
PURPOSE The association between primary headaches, including tension-type headache (TTH) as one of the most common primary headache disorders, and dementia remains controversial. In this nationwide, population-based, retrospective, cohort study, we explored the potential association between TTH and dementia and examined sex, age, and comorbidities as risk(More)
The relationship between biliary tract inflammation (BTI) and digestive system cancers is unclear. This study aimed to evaluate the association between BTI and the risks of digestive system cancers.Using the Taiwan National Health Insurance claims data, information on a cohort of patients diagnosed with BTI (n = 4398) between 2000 and 2009 was collected. A(More)
No large-scale population-based cohort study has ever investigated the risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in patients with Sjögren syndrome (SS). This study evaluated the risk of COPD in women with primary SS (pSS) in a nationwide population.We used the data of the National Health Insurance Research Database of Taiwan to(More)
The aim of study is to determine whether chronic osteomyelitis (COM) is linked to an increased risk of head and neck cancer (HNC).We identify 17,033 patients with osteomyelitis and 68,125 subjects without osteomyelitis during 1996 to 2010 periods. Multivariable Cox proportional hazards regression analysis was used to measure the hazard ratio (HR) of head(More)
Prevention and treatment of myopia is an important public problem worldwide. We found a higher incidence of myopia among patients with inflammatory diseases such as type 1 diabetes mellitus (7.9%), uveitis (3.7%), or systemic lupus erythematosus (3.5%) compared to those without inflammatory diseases (p<0.001) using data from children (<18years old) in the(More)