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Maintainability is an important issue in design where the accessibility of certain parts is determined for routine maintenance. In the past its study has been largely manual and labor intensive. Either by using physical mockup or computer animation with CAD models of a design, the task relies on human to provide an access path for the part. In this paper,(More)
A technique for producing geometrically accurate magnetic resonance images (MRIs) with undistorted intensity in the face of high levels of static field inhomogeneity arising from either source is presented. The technique requires the acquisition of two images of the same object with altered gradients. On the basis of a knowledge of these gradients it(More)
UNLABELLED Growth-associated protein 43 (GAP43), a protein kinase C (PKC)-activated phosphoprotein, is often implicated in axonal plasticity and regeneration. In this study, we found that GAP43 can be induced by the endotoxin lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in rat brain astrocytes both in vivo and in vitro. The LPS-induced astrocytic GAP43 expression was mediated(More)
A fully-phase optical asymmetric-image verification system based on a joint transform correlator (JTC) is proposed in this study. Conventional joint power spectra in JTCs are used as the amplitude information for reconstructing only the symmetric target images at the output plane. A previous method, in which an additional phase mask is used at the frequency(More)
Collaborative learning is a kind of group learning mode where members of group learn any concept or topic through communication and discussions. Current researches on collaborative learning paid little attention to the functionalities of group members. In order to solve this problem, this paper utilizes a learning blog (LBlog) to share experience and(More)
Membrane distillation (MD), which can utilize low-grade thermal energy, has been extensively studied for desalination. By incorporating solar thermal energy, the solar membrane distillation desalination system (SMDDS) is a potential technology for resolving energy and water resource problems. Small-scale SMDDS (s-SMDDS) is an attractive and viable option(More)
The study of the heat transfer of solar air heaters with a new design using an absorbing plate with fins and baffles, which facilitate the recycling of flowing air, is reported. The mathematical formulation and analytical analysis for such a recyclic baffled double-pass solar air heater were developed theoretically. The performance of the device was studied(More)
Physical absorption is a potential technology for economic carbon capture due to its low energy consumption, however, the absorption efficiency of current systems must be improved. In this study, novel hybrid absorption/stripping membrane contactors (HASMCs) for physical solvent carbon capture are proposed. The simultaneous absorption and stripping within(More)
Primulina cardaminifolia Yan Liu & W.B. Xu (Gesneriaceae), a distinct new species with imparipinnate leaves, is described and illustrated from a limestone valley in Guangxi Zhuangzu Autonomous Region, China. To assure its generic placement and phylogenetic affinity, phylogenetic analyses were performed using DNA sequences of nuclear ITS and chloroplast(More)
Abstract: The improvement of device performance of a recycling solar air heater featuring a wire mesh packing was investigated experimentally and theoretically. The application of the wire mesh packing and recycle-effect concept to the present study were proposed aiming to strengthen the convective heat-transfer coefficient due to increased turbulence.(More)