Hsu-Lei Lee

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Current resting-state network analysis often looks for coherent spontaneous BOLD signal fluctuations at frequencies below 0.1 Hz in a multiple-minutes scan. However hemodynamic signal variation can occur at a faster rate, causing changes in functional connectivity at a smaller time scale. In this study we proposed to use MREG technique to increase the(More)
MR-encephalography is a technique that allows real-time observation of functional changes in the brain with a time-resolution of 100 ms. The high sampling rate is enabled by the use of undersampled image acquisition with regularized reconstruction. The article describes a novel imaging method for fast three-dimensional-MR-encephalography whole brain(More)
Understanding the intrinsic circuit-level functional organization of the brain has benefited tremendously from the advent of resting-state fMRI (rsfMRI). In humans, resting-state functional network has been consistently mapped and its alterations have been shown to correlate with symptomatology of various neurological or psychiatric disorders. To date,(More)
MR-encephalography allows the observation of functional signal in the brain at a frequency of 10 Hz, permitting filtering of physiological "noise" and the detection of single event activations. High temporal resolution is achieved by the use of undersampled non-Cartesian trajectories, parallel imaging and regularized image reconstruction. MR-encephalography(More)
In this article we aim at improving the performance of whole brain functional imaging at very high temporal resolution (100 ms or less). This is achieved by utilizing a nonlinear regularized parallel image reconstruction scheme, where the penalty term of the cost function is set to the L(1)-norm measured in some transform domain. This type of image(More)
Alternating TR steady-state free precession (ATR SSFP) has been proposed as a method to achieve a favorable frequency response compared to that of conventional balanced SSFP. ATR SSFP, much like conventional SSFP, exhibits oscillatory transient signal behavior that can degrade image quality. Thus an efficient preparation scheme is desired in order to(More)
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