Hsu-Kuang Chang

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The turbid, low-light waters characteristic of aquaculture ponds have made it difficult or impossible for previous video cameras to provide clear imagery of the ponds' benthic habitat. We developed a highly sensitive, underwater video system (UVS) for this particular application and tested it in shrimp ponds having turbidities typical of those in southern(More)
The rapid growth of XML adoption has urged for the need of a proper representation for semi-structured documents, where the document semantic structural information has to be taken into account so as to support more precise document analysis. In order to analyze the information represented in XML documents efficiently, researches on XML document clustering(More)
Compiling documents in extensible markup language (XML) increasingly requires access to data services which provide both rapid response and the precise use of search engines. Efficient data service should be based on a skillful representation that can support low complexity and high precision search capabilities. In this paper, a novel complete path(More)
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