Hsiuyi V. Chen

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Packaging of eukaryotic genomes into chromatin has wide-ranging effects on gene transcription. Curiously, it is commonly observed that deletion of a global chromatin regulator affects expression of only a limited subset of genes bound to or modified by the regulator in question. However, in many single-gene studies it has become clear that chromatin(More)
Numerous chromatin-remodeling factors are regulated by interactions with RNA, although the contexts and functions of RNA binding are poorly understood. Here we show that R loops, RNA-DNA hybrids consisting of nascent transcripts hybridized to template DNA, modulate the binding of two key chromatin-regulatory complexes, Tip60-p400 and polycomb repressive(More)
The signature of the Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences signifies that the student has met all graduation requirements of the school. iii Dedication I would like to dedicate my work to my mom and my husband. My mom has always inspired me different ways of exploring the world and she stands by me every time I fall. Only after being a mom(More)
—This paper presents a new feature extraction methods for printed Chinese character recognition (PCCR). For feature extraction, a partitioning of the pixel of character image into 3 3 × windows and transformation of each 3 3 × window into a scalar under certain constraint are implemented by using array reduction. The proposed feature extraction method(More)
In order to compare the prognoses of patients with diffuse malignant lymphomas on the basis of histology and immunophenotypes, we retrospectively studied 62 cases of diffuse lymphoma arising in lymph nodes. We also evaluated the reactivity patterns of monoclonal antibodies (MoAb) LN1, LN2 and LN3 to determine the criteria for making a differential diagnosis(More)
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