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With the increasing use of power electronic devices in the past decade, the produced harmonic pollution to the power supply is aggravating power supply quality. The monitoring of the health state of a power network is therefore becoming an essential issue. Although conventional techniques like discrete Fourier transform or fast Fourier transform are still(More)
—The discrete Fourier transform (DFT) is still a widely used tool for analyzing and measuring both stationary and transient signals in power system harmonics. However, the misappli-cations of the DFT can lead to incorrect results caused by some problems such as an aliasing effect, spectral leakage, and picket-fence effect. A strategy of recursive(More)
Currently, robot applications have been fast expanding to many areas such as entertainment, home task, security, medical care, etc. With an increasing robot demand, the development of highly reliable and low-cost robot control system has become a hot research field in recent years. However, most robot control system requires special interface design or(More)
Today, programmable logic controllers (PLC) are widely used at the modern manufacturing automation. With an increasing demand for a natural, intuitive man-machine interaction in the automated industry, graphical programming with PLC is nowadays gaining much attention. In this paper, a PC-based virtual instrument (VI) that can carry out remote monitoring and(More)