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With the increase in the number senior citizens and chronic diseases, the number of elderly patients who need constant assistance has increased. One key point of all critical care for elderly patient is the continuous monitoring of their vital signs. Among these, the ECG signal is used for noninvasive diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Also, there is a(More)
The growing popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and handsets has made mobile devices a more attractive target for mobile malware. Thus, the role of an anti-malware detector for effectively detecting mobile malware is becoming extremely important. In our previous work, we focused on constructing an ontology-based behavioral analysis for mobile(More)
Mobile malware has caused harm by leaking of user privacy, depletion of battery power, and extra service charges by automatically sending expensive multimedia messages or making long-distance calls. Also, the convenience which can download programs from the Internet and share software with one another through short-range Bluetooth connections, worldwide(More)