Hsiu-Ming Huang

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This paper presents a SEPIC PFC converter for driving multiple lighting LED lamps. With the aid of this converter, high power factor and high efficiency can be achieved by a simple single-stage circuit with low device stress features. A burst-mode dimming method is used to regulate the current and brightness of multiple LED lamps. A laboratory prototype is(More)
This paper presents a high-frequency electronic ballast for HID lamps. A new fixed frequency dimming method with low EMI features is developed in this research. The proposed electronic ballast has the advantages of high power density, simple circuit and low EMI features. The circuit operating principle and design procedures are described in detail. A(More)
This paper presents a single-stage ZVT full-bridge AC/DC converter for aerospace applications. The detailed operating principle and design consideration of this soft-switched converter are analyzed and described. The proposed circuit topology and control scheme are proposed to exhibit optimum performances (i.e. high power factor, high efficiency, ring-free(More)
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