Hsiu-Mei Chou

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We present a research tool that supports marine ecologists’ research by allowing analysis of long-term and continuous fish monitoring video content. The analysis can be used for instance to discover ecological phenomena such as changes in fish abundance and species composition over time and area. Two characteristics set our system apart from traditional(More)
Long-term monitoring of the underwater environment is still labour intensive work. Using underwater surveillance cameras to monitor this environment has the potential advantage to make the task become less labour intensive. Also, the obtained data can be stored making the research reproducible. In this work, a system to analyse long-term underwater camera(More)
The management of real-time streaming data in large-scale collaborative applications presents major processing, communication and administrative challenges. To that end, an open-source RBNB DataTurbine provides an excellent basis for developing robust streaming data middleware. The current RBNB DataTurbine streaming data middleware system satisfies a core(More)
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