Hsiu-Ju Wang

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The aim of this study was to develop an optimal microencapsulation method for an oil-soluble component (curcumin) using γ-PGA. The results show that Span80 significantly enhances the encapsulation efficiency (EE) of γ-Na(+)-PGA microcapsules. Therefore, the effects of γ-Na(+)-PGA, curcumin and Span80 concentration on EE of γ-Na(+)-PGA microcapsules were(More)
This study reports on the optimization of the extraction conditions of cordycepin from Cordyceps militaris by using ultrasonication. For this purpose, the orthogonal experimental design was used to investigate the effects of factors on the ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE). Four factors: extraction time (min), ethanol concentration (%), extraction(More)
A surfactant-coated lipase (SCL) prepared by mixing Candida rugosa lipase with emulsifier in ethanol was used to hydrolyze tuna oil in a two-phase aqueous-organic system. Both enzyme (SCL) and substrate (tuna oil) were soluble in the organic phase, and the hydrolysis could occur with water molecules from the aqueous phase. This hydrolysis could promptly(More)
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