Hsiu-Feng Lu

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BACKGROUND Oxygen-base (O-base) oxidation in protein backbone is important in the protein backbone fragmentation due to the attack from reactive oxygen species (ROS). In this study, an alanine peptide was used model system to investigate this O-base oxidation by employing density functional theory (DFT) calculations combining with continuum solvent model.(More)
A computational model was developed to examine the phototriggered folding of a caged protein, a protein modified with an organic photolabile cross-linker. Molecular dynamics simulations of the modified 36-residue fragment of subdomain B of chicken villin head piece with a photolabile linker were performed, starting from both the caged and the uncaged(More)
The initial step of protein oxidation is studied through alpha-H abstraction by an OH radical with various secondary structure motifs of proteins. It is found that there exist preferential alpha-Hs in this kind of abstractions. The typical abstraction mechanism involves three steps: forming a pre-reactive complex before abstraction, the abstraction(More)
A naturally occurring beta-hairpin peptide (PDB ID 1UAO) was used as a model to study the backbone oxidation of a protein with ab initio calculation at the B3LYB/6-31G(d) without any constraints. The (alpha)C--H bond dissociation energy of three different glycyl radicals located at different sites on the beta-hairpin peptide was calculated to evaluate the(More)
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