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A recent crystal structure of the N15 ␣ր␤-T cell receptor (TCR) in complex with an Fab derived from the H57 C ␤-specific monoclonal antibody (mAb) shows the mAb fragment interacting with the elongated FG loop of the C ␤ domain. This loop creates one side wall of a cavity within the TCR Ti-␣ր␤ constant region module (C ␣ C ␤) while the CD and EF loops of the(More)
The asymmetric disposition of T cell receptor (TCR) Cbeta and Calpha ectodomains creates a cavity with a side-wall formed by the rigid Cbeta FG loop. To investigate the significance of this conserved structure, we generated loop deletion (betaDeltaFG) and betawt transgenic (tg) mice using the TCR beta subunit of the N15 CTL. N15betawt and N15betaDeltaFG(More)
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