Hsiu-Chin Hsu

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Sleep, a basic physiological need of all humans, appears to be both integrative and restorative. However, studies have reported that 33-51% of women show a dramatic increase in sleep disturbance in the mid-life years, a time when they enter menopause. The purposes of this study were to (1) explore the prevalence of poor sleep quality in menopausal women;(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Indigenous people who leave their hometowns and move to the city to earn a living became urban aboriginals. During the process of adapting to urban living situations, they may use various coping strategies such as smoking to overcome their stress. Therefore, it is crucial to provide health education including smoking prevention,(More)
AIM To generate a descriptive theory framework regarding the experiences of sleep disturbances among perimenopausal women in Taiwan. BACKGROUND Although studies show that some perimenopausal women are troubled by sleep problems, little information was found about the subjective experiences of sleep disturbances among these women. Research is required to(More)
This paper describes a simple and efficient method of colour image compression/decompression using the fundamental application of subtraction and formation of a dynamic dictionary after three stages of subtraction. Pixels in different segments generated by a chosen mask window are adjusted such that after three stages of subtraction, either all zero or at(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of improving sleep quality interventions in menopausal women with sleep disturbance. BACKGROUND Sleep disturbances are an extensive and common problem among menopausal women. There is an increased trend in the use of non-pharmacological methods to alleviate sleep disturbances. Studies that have(More)
This cross-sectional study explored the relationship between professional commitment and job satisfaction among nurses. A total of 132 registered nurses were recruited from a hospital in northern Taiwan. A self-reported structured questionnaire was used to collect data. Findings revealed significant differences among nurses in willingness to make an effort(More)
Middle age is an important period for confronting physical and psychological changes, and a crucial time for building positive health habits for the elderly stage of life. In addition, middle-aged adults must adapt their physical and psychological changes with their social roles. The purpose of this article is to highlight the importance of health education(More)
BACKGROUND lung cancer (LC) is the fifth of the 10 leading causes of death in the world. LC is in first place for cancer-related mortality for both males and females in Taiwan. It is one of the most difficult cancers to treat and is often diagnosed at a late stage. Patients with stage IV are often unprepared for the diagnosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS To(More)