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PURPOSE This study aimed to investigate the effect of elastic taping on kinematics, muscle activity and strength of the scapular region in baseball players with shoulder impingement. SCOPE Seventeen baseball players with shoulder impingement were recruited from three amateur baseball teams. All subjects received both the elastic taping (Kinesio Tex) and(More)
The objectives of this study were (1) to investigate the incidence of adverse pregnancy outcomes among the epileptic and general populations, including small for gestational age (SGA), low birth weight (LBW) and preterm delivery, using two large-scale nationwide population-based databases, and (2) to compare the risk of these adverse pregnancy outcomes(More)
We performed susceptibility testing using the microdilution method to determine the in-vitro activity of tigecycline against 393 Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates collected in 2006 from 19 hospitals in Taiwan. Significant proportions of the isolates were resistant to imipenem (44%), ciprofloxacin (75%), amikacin (69%), sulbactam (34%) and all four(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Case reports or case series have reported the association between hyperthyroidism and cerebrovascular disease. However, hyperthyroidism has never been considered as a potential risk factor for stroke in young people. The aim of the present study is to estimate the risk for ischemic stroke among hyperthyroidism patients aged 18 to 44(More)
In higher eukaryotes, the pre-replication complex (pre-RC) component Cdt1 is the major regulator in licensing control for DNA replication. The Cul4-DDB1-based ubiquitin ligase mediates Cdt1 ubiquitylation for subsequent proteolysis. During the initiation of chorion gene amplification, Double-parked (Dup), the Drosophila ortholog of Cdt1, is restricted to(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Low efficacy partial agonists at the D2 dopamine receptor may be useful for treating schizophrenia. In this report we describe a method for assessing the efficacy of these compounds based on stimulation of [35S]GTPgammaS binding. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH Agonist efficacy was assessed from [(35)S]GTPgammaS binding to membranes of CHO(More)
The purpose of the study was to investigate the risk of colorectal cancer among patients with biliary tract inflammation (BTI) compared to non-BTI patients during a 5-year follow-up period. The study group comprised 1,613 patients with BTI, among which 32 cases (1.98%) developed colorectal cancer. The comparison group included 8,065 randomly selected(More)
Cullin family proteins organize ubiquitin ligase (E3) complexes to target numerous cellular proteins for proteasomal degradation. Neddylation, the process that conjugates the ubiquitin-like polypeptide Nedd8 to the conserved lysines of cullins, is essential for in vivo cullin-organized E3 activities. Deneddylation, which removes the Nedd8 moiety, requires(More)
BACKGROUND Urinary tract infections (UTIs) caused by extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae have become clinical problems because of limited therapeutic options. The role of fosfomycin in the era of growing bacteria resistance has been widely discussed recently. In this study, we aimed to know the local(More)
The antipsychotic drugs have been shown to be inverse agonists at the D(2) dopamine receptor. We have examined the mechanism of this inverse agonism by making mutations in residue T343 in the base of the sixth transmembrane spanning region of the receptor. T343R, T343S and T343K mutant D(2) dopamine receptors were made and the T343R mutant characterized in(More)