Hsing-Yi Chen

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Horizontally acquired genes typically function as autonomous units conferring new abilities when introduced into different species. However, we reasoned that proteins preexisting in an organism might constrain the functionality of a horizontally acquired gene product if it operates on an ancestral pathway. Here, we determine how the horizontally acquired(More)
Changes in gene regulatory circuits often give rise to phenotypic differences among closely related organisms. In bacteria, these changes can result from alterations in the ancestral genome and/or be brought about by genes acquired by horizontal transfer. Here, we identify an allele of the ancestral transcription factor PmrA that requires the horizontally(More)
A novel compact circular-polarization (CP) operation of a pair of truncated corners square microstrip antenna with two slits and four slits on the ground plane is proposed and investigated. The proposed compact CP design can have an operating frequency reduction of about 21.95% as compared to the conventional corner-truncated square microstrip antenna of(More)
An improved ray-tracing propagation prediction model for predicting path loss on single floors in indoor environments is developed. It utilizes the results of two-dimensional (2D) ray tracing technique to deal with three-dimensional (3D) problem. This approach is more efficient than usual 3D ray tracing model and more accurate than usual 2D ray tracing(More)
  • Kirankumar R. Urgunde, Veeresh G. Kasabegoudar, Tanvir Singh Buttar, Narinder Sharma, Mithila R. Ghuge, Prathamesh U. Indulkar +17 others
  • 2015
In this paper, a design of double U-slots microstrip antenna with triple bands operation is presented. The antenna geometry is fed with a coaxial line feed technique. The feed is connected between the two arms of U-slots. The two slots are created on patch which is placed on the dielectric substrate of FR4 material with the overall dimensions of 74 mm × 67(More)
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