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A design strategy using a dual-band frequency selective surface (FSS) consisting of double rectangular ring elements to improve the bandwidth and gain, and to optimize the onsets of two operating frequencies for a U-slot patch antenna is presented. After implanting the FSS in the U-slot patch antenna, it is found that the bandwidths have been improved from(More)
An improved ray-tracing propagation prediction model for predicting path loss on single floors in indoor environments is developed. It utilizes the results of two-dimensional (2D) ray tracing technique to deal with three-dimensional (3D) problem. This approach is more efficient than usual 3D ray tracing model and more accurate than usual 2D ray tracing(More)
A dual-band FSS with Jerusalem cross elements was proposed to improve the bandwidth of U-slot patch antennas. From studies, it is shown that the simulation data in general agree with the measurement results for the U-slot patch antennas implemented with a FSS. The U-slot patch antenna using a FSS with Jerusalem cross elements has been proven to provide(More)
OBJECTIVES Changes in impedance between 24 hours and one month after cochlear implantation have never been explored due to the inability to switch on within one day. This study examined the effect of early activation (within 24 hours) on the evolution of electrode impedance with the aim of providing information on the tissue-to-electrode interface when(More)
In this paper, a design of double U-slots microstrip antenna with triple bands operation is presented. The antenna geometry is fed with a coaxial line feed technique. The feed is connected between the two arms of U-slots. The two slots are created on patch which is placed on the dielectric substrate of FR4 material with the overall dimensions of 74 mm × 67(More)
The FDTD method was used to calculate the electric fields emitted from cellular phones inside an ambulance. Measurements of the electric fields emitted from cellular phones inside the ambulance were also performed by using a Narda Model SRM-3000 high frequency selective radiation meter. From measurement and simulation results, it is found that electric(More)
Rational design and syntheses of four iridium complexes (1-4) bearing two substituted quinoxalines and an additional 5-(2-pyridyl) pyrazolate or triazolate as the third coordinating ligand are reported. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies of 1 reveal a distorted octahedral geometry, in which two dpqx ligands adopt an eclipse configuration, for which(More)