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Social networking websites have become increasingly popular, and have also become the main media not only to connect lives socially, but also to affect brand image and consumers' purchase intention. The purpose of this paper is to incorporate the Facebook fan page and e-journal provide over the Internet (cloud e-journal) with the uses and gratification(More)
In Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) system, one of the most important issues that affect the data integrity is the collision resolution between the tags when these tags transmit their data to reader. In framed slotted ALOHA based RFID Systems, a proper choice of the frame size has a great influence on overall system performance. Hence, in this paper we(More)
Slow Start Backoff (SSB) Algorithm is a simple, efficient, distributed, and well performing medium access control (MAC) layer protocol designed for ad-hoc wireless networks to share the medium. SSB is able to alleviate intensive collisions in high load environments, and SSB can also minimize the average channel access delay in light load environments.(More)
We are witnessing today an exponential growth of internet technology at an accelerating pace. There are increasingly more and more open and free teaching and learning websites of competitively high quality. When computer labs and multimedia classrooms were limited in school, most instructors were only able to seldom take advantage of rare technology(More)
By investigating the effects of nodes distribution and broadcasting range of the route request (RREQ) control packets on the routing path establishment, in this paper, we explore the energy efficiency of AODV (Ad-hoc on-demand distance vector) routing algorithms in Ad-Hoc networks. Simulation results show that with the range adaptation to the number of(More)