Hsing Paul Luh

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Being the dominant telecommunication company in Taiwan, ChungHwa Telecom Co., Ltd., CHT is her symbol listed on the New York Stock Exchange, provides major communication services to more than 23 million people living in Taiwan. CHT has vast number of software developed on client-server or web-based architectures with client software installed in more than(More)
Many software applications have been developed on client-server and web-based architectures, with client software installed in numerous clerks’ devices spread over the whole of Taiwan along the hierarchical organization of large-scaled service companies. The damage for a large-scaled service company would be caused by an inconsistent system, in which client(More)
Mathematical models can be used to study the chemotherapy on tumor cells. Especially, in 1979, Goldie and Coldman proposed the first mathematical model to relate the drug sensitivity of tumors to their mutation rates. Many scientists have since referred to this pioneering work because of its simplicity and elegance. Its original idea has also been extended(More)
Motivated by the waiting lines between the US-Canadian border-crossings, we investigate a security-check system with both security and customer service goals. In such a system, every customer has to be inspected by the first stage inspector but only a proportion of customers need to go through the second stage for further inspection. This "further(More)
Downward communication is a popular push-based scheme to forward messages from headquarters to front-line staff in a large-scaled company. With the maturing intranet and web technology, broadcasting algorithms, including pull-based and push-based broadcasting algorithms, it is feasible to send downward messages through web-based design by sending packets on(More)