Hsing-Lung Chen

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Broadcast is an attractive data dissemination means over multiple wireless channels due to its scalability. Since mobile clients have limited battery power and broadcast data have different popularities, how these data are fast accessed becomes an important issue. Our solution consists of first allocating data among channels near-optimally, and adopting(More)
Routing protocols play an important role in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) [J. Macker et al. (1997)]. Sungle-Ju Lee and Mario Gerla proposed AODV-BR [2000] to improve AODV [C.E. Perkins et al. (1999)], [C.E. Perkins et al. (2001)] by providing multiple alternate routes. However, the node which detected link failure maybe move to the position where no(More)
In a networked virtual environment (NVE), participants exchange their information on the network by sending messages. When a message is generated, usually only part of the entities are interested in it, so it would be superfluous to other entities. In order to reduce the wastefulness of bandwidth, the system always employs a grouping scheme to divide the(More)
An incomplete hypercube possesses virtually every advantage of complete hypercubes, including simple deadlock-free routing, a small diameter, bounded link traffic density, a good support of parallel algorithms, and so on. It is natural to reconfigure a faulty hypercube into a maximum incomplete cube so as to lower potential performance degradation, because(More)