Hsing Lin Wang

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Engineered fullerenes (C(60)) are extensively used for commercial and clinical applications based on their unique physicochemical properties. Such materials have also been recognized as byproducts of many industrial activities. Functionalization of C(60) may significantly influence the nature of its interactions with biological systems, impacting its(More)
We study the linearised self-excited wave equation x<inf>tt</inf> - ¿ x-P(x) x<inf>t</inf>=0, where P(x)¿0, P(x) L<sup>¿</sup>(¿), in a bounded domain ¿ ¿ R<sup>n</sup> with smooth boundary ¿ where boundary damping is present. Considering the partition {¿<inf>+</inf>, ¿<inf>-</inf>} of the boundary ¿ on which x=0 on ¿, and u<inf>n</inf>+ Ku<inf>t</inf> +(More)
High-dose ionizing irradiations can cause acute tissue and organ damage, especially severe cutaneous lesions. These cutaneous injuries often result in further complications and incur high mortality. Therefore, it is critical to develop effective therapeutic approaches for acute high-dose ionizing irradiation injury. Intracellular reactive oxygen species(More)
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