Hsing-Chih Tsai

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The nature of the construction business makes the industry one of the most litigious. Most recent studies of dispute settlement assistant system have applied case-based reasoning (CBR) models to identify similar dispute cases that may be used as references in dispute settlements. Typically, either Euclidean distance (EUD) or cosine angle distance (CAD) has(More)
Genetic programming (GP) is an evolutionary algorithm-based methodology that employs a binary tree topology with optimized functional operators. This study introduced weight coefficients to each GP linkage in a tree in order to create a new weighted genetic programming (WGP) approach. Two distinct advantages of the proposed WGP include (1) balancing the(More)
Swarm intelligence (SI) has generated growing interest in recent decades as an algorithm replicating biological and other natural systems. Several SI algorithms have been developed that replicate the behavior of honeybees. This study integrates two of these, the artificial bee colony (ABC) and bees algorithms (BA), into a hybrid ABC–BA algorithm. In ABC–BA,(More)
Conceptual cost estimates are important to project feasibility studies and impact upon final project success. Such estimates provide significant information that can be used in project evaluations, engineering designs, cost budgeting and cost management. This study proposes an artificial intelligence approach, the evolutionary fuzzy hybrid neural network(More)