Hsing-Chau Tseng

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Customers' intentions of reusing e-commerce websites for shopping has a major consequence for the website's profitability; therefore, understanding the factors that influence a Web customer's repurchase intentions is of great importance to e-commerce. This research represented a careful and systemic effort to incorporate factors from various distinct(More)
This study, in which staff nurses in Taiwan participated, was aimed to construct a model for relationships among trustworthiness, trust behavior and organizational identification. One hundred and ninety five anonymously completed questionnaires were collected. Superiors' trustworthiness, staff nurses' trust behavior, and organizational identification were(More)
Extensive media coverage is warning of a crisis of trust that has emerged as a serious issue in our society. This article explores the meaning of "crisis," concepts of crisis management, mechanisms for building trust, and the underlying significance of trust and distrust. Evidence is adduced to testify to the erosion of trust and factors in our society that(More)
Research has suggested people have two distinct hedonic self-regulatory systems, promotion self-regulatory focus and prevention self-regulatory focus. Individuals in promotion focus are sensitive to the presence of gains and positive results. On the other hand, individuals in prevention focus are sensitive to the absence of losses. This study merged(More)
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